Agreement Between TransGenic Inc. Japan and genOway

Japan flagTransGenic Inc. and genOway S.A. Announce today the signing of an agreement regarding a business tie-up on distribution and selling services related to genetically-modified animals.

TransGenic Inc., based in Japan, develops Knock-Out mouse models and provides information on gene functions to domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, universities, and research institutes. It is a tool providing company in the field of pharmaceutical and diagnostic development with its innovative technology of producing genetically-engineered mice library by utilizing the “genetrap” technology, and the gene functional information derived from the library is provided to our customers

TransGenic also possesses the unique technology of high-affinity antibody production, using ganptransgenic mice and conduct a worldwide business with this antibody technology. In addition, TransGenic Inc. provides various antibody products as a research reagent.

French-based genOway is a service provider dedicated to the development of transgenic mouse and rat models and offers a full range of solutions for both gene expression and gene inactivation. GenOway has developed a complete range of innovative technological solutions aimed at increasing the predictability and efficacy of target validation, drug screening, and pharmacological/ toxicological studies. GenOway is regarded throughout Europe as a premier company providing custom services to clients.

Under the term of this agreement, genOway will distribute TransGenic Inc. Knock-Out mose models in Europe. TransGenic Inc. will market genOway’s advanced and unique services on genetically-modified mouse and rat models in Japan.


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