Are Genetically Modified Foods Causing Allergy

One thing that might be putting the advancing development of genetically modified foods on hold is that they might have the potential of causing allergic reactions to some people. This alone may help scare people enough to make them look negatively on genetically modified foods. What makes such a possibility even scarier is that there isn’t a way or a process yet installed or tests in practice that might help check if people may indeed have allergic reactions to certain substances that may have been developed along with genetically engineered food. But that may change in the near future.

There are studies now underway that may help develop a system of tests that can check for possible allergic reactions of some genetically modified foods on humans. According to a news article on Science Daily, Researchers at Michigan State University have started developing an animal testing model to help find out if humans may develop certain allergic reactions to genetically modified food.

A possible link on human allergic reaction to genetically modified food is the use of certain proteins from two different organisms. It is not immediately known if such protein transfers may cause any allergic reaction on human and no test have yet been established to fully check this out. But with the studies being done in the University of Michigan, a system may not be afar off that will help conclusively test genetically modified food for any possible human allergic reactions before they can be approved or considered as safe.

This will prove to be a very important aspect of developing genetically modified crops in the future that is then processed into food for human consumption. With the risk of allergy unknown, it truly can make genetically modified food scary to try. No amount of assurance can make people consume any type of genetically modified food unless some conclusive evidence that they are completely safe is presented. Hopefully, the development of allergic reaction tests may help put some GM foods from finally being accepted in the future.

The advancement of the science of genetic modification has gone a long way. But it also still has a very long way to go. With every advance that genetic modification makes, there are some concerns that crop up that might need to be addressed. It is important for researchers and scientists to be able to answer such concerns in order to help advance the technology further as well as the boost the positive impression of the people on the future of genetic modification of crops and food.

Without dong so, people might not easily accept such technology to be very beneficial to life. They might even get scared of it taking into consideration the many unknowns that may still be present. Fear of the unknown can help bring down genetic modification. It would take making such unknowns known to the people that will help it gain more ground. Such an undertaking may take a much slower process, but it is a process that should be taken.

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