The Ethics of Genetic Modification

Genetic modification has come along way into trying to usher the world into the future not only in agriculture but also in other sectors as well including medicine and the other sciences. Continuous research on the subject has allowed many GM experts to further hone their knowledge and applying it into a number of applications that aim to improve and enhance human lives. Such an aim is truly admirable if everyone associated with the science of genetic modification stays in that realm alone.

But along with great scientific advances, in different fields of endeavor, there are always the opportunity for greedy individuals to put profit first before ever thinking about the good of humankind. Not only that, other people can sometimes make use of such advances in science in order to move their own selfish aims forward. And the science of genetic modification is not immune to such risks.

Ethical practice of genetic modification seems to be of little concern to some sectors in the society today. The advance of genetic modification have allowed scientists to change or modify plants and even animals in ways that would make them better from a human standpoint. That is why there are now genetically modified plants that proliferate in many countries that seem to happen hidden from the public. Almost some kind of genetically modified organism has been used either in foodstuffs. But why is it that most people don’t seem to notice this happening today?

Despite the many advances that genetic modification has gone through, it just seems that an ethical structure of some kind in its practice might be missing. A lot of research that has been done on the field of genetic modification have been greatly used for personal gain especially for those who belong to the mighty corporations of late. A technology that is considered as powerful enough to change human life itself has been placed in the hands of a few enterprising corporations with the aim to gain a lot from it without ever considering the possible implications of its use.

True enough, although with every genetically modified organism being developed, corporations who helped develop them are just to overeager to make use of them at the least possible time. This has brought about a number of genetically modified organisms that have been found to have very serious effects not only the environment but also to other plants as well. And since these genetically modified organisms have already been introduced into the environment, it has become more difficult to be able to contain them before some sort of contamination have already occurred.

Such oversight, introducing GM organisms into the environment without further or additional studies of the possible implications, has actually made some biotech corporations put themselves into a bad light that more and more people today have negative opinions about genetic modification that it has made biotech companies think twice before introducing other products into the environment. But still, ethics and the field of genetic modification should try to work hand in hand in order to make this world a better place instead of the opposite.

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