The Great GMO Divide

The debate surrounding GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) still seem to remain unresolved today. Each camp seem to have their own opinions concerning what’s good and what is bad about genetic modification and the proliferation of a number of GMO’s in the market today. The debate has divided not only people in the US but also on the other side of the world. It has even reached the far reaches of the globe where GMO’s have already become a part of the local environment.

It seems that the debate over whether the field of genetic modification and the resulting organisms that can be created by it in the form of better and more improved crops and other GM products. At first glance, it may seem very beneficial to the improvement of the society at large. In all its intentions, the field of genetic modification aims to make life for the people as well as the generations to come better and easier. Every development is geared towards improving lives. At least, that is what most of the people who agree with the spread of GMO’s all over the world. They even go as far as to say that genetic modification may be the answer to the impending crisis that awaits the human population in terms of its rapidly declining food supply.

True, the world is facing a food supply crisis in the near future as the world population continues to grow while valuable agricultural land acreage dwindle year by year due to progress. The only way that scientists and researchers see as a possible solution is to create better and hardier genetically modified organisms that will provide better quality and bigger harvests each planting season. On that note, those in favor of GMO’s have a very strong case to depend on.

But then every debate has an opposing side. It seems that not all people agree to the argument that GMO’s are already ripe enough to enter into and benefit the lives of every people around the globe. The case of the opposition is built upon the notion that the developments in the field of genetic modification is going at a very fast rate. They argue that at the rate such developments are going, the scientists and researchers themselves may not be able to make a credible study on the probable consequences that the introduction of GMO’s into the global society may have on the different aspects of human life.

The opposing groups to the GMO revolution believe that the time is not yet ripe for it to become a part of the society, at least not just yet. They believe that more time should be taken to study the long term effects that GMO’s may have on the environment, the ecosystem as well as on humans. These groups may continue to go against the introduction of GMO’s for widespread use all over the world, not until genetic modification has been thoroughly tested and studied to be safe and harmless. The battle between the two groups may still rage on for a long time and the debate currently remains unresolved. Where do you stand?

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