European View on Genetic Modification

EU flagThe differences in views surrounding the genetic modification debate has sparked the implementation of different policies all over the world that clash with each other in terms of its practice.

In the US and other countries located in the Americas, genetic modification is seen on a more positive light since the technology of genetic modification has increasingly been used to improve agricultural productivity and harvest.

The United States, Argentina, Brazil and other countries in the American continent still have a positive view about genetic modification and place it in high regard when it comes to further developing and improving the technology in aid of mankind.

But the opposite may just be true on the other side of the Atlantic. There is a growing dissention among European countries when it comes to the science behind genetic modification. It seems that on this side of the world, genetic modification may be seen as a technology that has not yet been given the go ahead signal to improve people’s lives. A majority of Europeans still follow a negative view when it comes to genetic modification.

Europe is a continent that is composed of a number of industrialized countries whose opinions matter greatly to the world view of things. How this part of the world sees genetic modification may also affect the further advancement of the technology. And with the European Union having a negative view on the issue, it has somehow closed its markets from being invaded by a number of genetically modified foods and crops.

Although different EU countries may slightly have varied opinions on the subject of genetic modification, they all seem to agree that it may not yet be the time for genetically modified products from entering their territory. For example, according to an NOP survey in UK on July of 2004, two-thirds of the British population is willing to support new laws that will prevent genetically modified crops to contaminate domestic farming and food supply.

On another survey by the Consumers’ Association in the United Kingdom on September, 2004 showed that more respondents who say that they are against genetically modified products as compared to a similar representative sample of respondents two years ago.

In France, a November 1999 poll indicated that more than half of the French population had serious reservations when it comes to the use of genetically modified products. 91 percent of those against say that the information regarding the practice of genetic modification remains inadequate.

In the Netherlands, a June 2001 poll conducted by the University of Twente showed that 65 percent of the people reject the use of GM foods, which indicated a marked increase from 52 percent on the last poll.

In Italy, a March 2001 poll conducted by the People Swg for the Italian Ministry of Agriculture indicated that 67 percent of the people were against using genetically modified organisms on domestic agricultural production. 75 percent of those surveyed through that laws regarding food safety were inadequate.

In Germany, an opinion poll handled by Slowfood in August of 2005 showed that 79 percent of Germans were against genetically modified food products and crops.


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