Is Genetic Engineering a Threat or a Tool of the Future?

Genetic engineering has been widely used today for a variety of ways. The technology has been used from treating diseases to creating transgenic crops that are better and much improved than previous strains. Different industries have been able to take advantage of genetic engineering in order to create and develop products that may prove useful as well as detrimental to lives and health of people. While there are certain benefits that genetic engineering can provide to the human race, there are also certain disadvantages that such a technology may bring upon humans, especially if it is used irresponsibly.

Take the use of GM crops as an example. Surely a lot of people know by now that there are certain products in the market today that are made from or may contain certain substances coming from some GM crops. It is sad to say that some of these GM crops haven’t have gone through extensive safety testing procedures before they were made available for cultivation and processing. For one, since the technology is relatively new, scientists and experts have not yet really established general procedures on how to effectively test GM crops as to their safety and effects to humans as well as to the environment.

This lack of established testing procedures have enabled some GM crops to be released for mass cultivation in some countries despite a general lack of further and adequate testing for safety. Credit it to the eagerness of some biotechnology companies to profit from the GM crops that they have developed. And because of this, some recent discoveries concerning such GM crops that show some proof of negative effects to human and environmental safety may have made more people take a doubtful look at the technology that may have come in too early.

Genetic engineering can be seen as a useful tool for the future. But it seems that its use have been haphazardly been introduced into a world that may not yet be ready for it. As of now, people may not have yet grasped on how powerful and useful such a technology would be. And on a more serious note, people may also not have a grasp of possible negative consequences that such a technology would have in the general sense. All throughout history, technology seems to be a two-edged sword. It can be used for the betterment of the human race and the world at large or it can also be used to destroy it.

For now, genetic engineering and the technology it brings may not yet have served its full purpose. At this early stage, this technology may still have a lot of untapped potential. And yet, the little that we now know of genetic engineering is currently being used in various means that can affect human lives. This is a risk that may have untold consequences in the future. A tool of the future, if used irresponsibly, can quickly become a major threat in the future. And that is the situation where genetic engineering may be finding itself in.

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