Impact of Genetic Modification on Agriculture

GM agricultureGenetic modification may be a tool that can be used in order to help bring on many advances in the field of agriculture. The creation of genetically modified plants may help bring about increased plant production, better harvests and better quality crops. This may sound very beneficial to a whole lot of people all over the world. With the need for increased harvests to feed a rapidly growing world population, genetic modification may truly be looked upon as a very useful field to explore for solutions to such problems.

Although the technology of genetic modification may have been developed for more than three decades now, the impact that it may have on the world has not yet been fully grasped. True, genetic modification in agriculture will greatly help in improving strains of plants to be more disease and pest resistant, better able to withstand extreme weather patterns as well as provide increased harvests. But the science itself behind genetic modification may be something that might require further study and research.

The science of altering the DNA of an organism is the basis of genetic modification. That is where problems lie. Simply by changing an organism’s genetic make-up or structure, scientists are introducing a modified organism into the environment that may have serious implications later on. What these implications may be, most scientists may not know for sure if more extensive studies are made. And that is where more problems crop up and may already have cropped up in some parts of the world.

Quite a number of biotechnology firms today seem to be quite active in coming up with a number of genetically modified crops almost every year. Their research in developing such GM plants may truly be considered as aggressive in its approach. But the problem is that less work and research are being done in assessing a new GM plant’s probable impact on the natural environment. Many biotech firms are more focused in introducing new GM plants into the market in order to gain more revenue for the company that some may have already neglected how such crops may affect the world in the future.

A genetically modified organism such as those being done on GM crops should be considered alien to the natural environment. And because such plants have been genetically altered and modified to form new and different functions, how the environment would react to them and vice versa would be something that may need further study. How a genetically modified plant engineered to make its own insecticide would truly be some cause for concern since it may also affect other plants and animals around it if introduced into the natural environment.

That is just one example of how GM plants have become a cause of concern in the world today. What might be required is that some biotech firms need not be too aggressive in their approach to introduce new GM plants in the market just for profit. If not, then biotech firms should also provide the same aggressiveness in letting such GM plants undergo further extensive studies to look upon their probable impact to our natural environment before they ever decide to release them for use. Care and concern for the world and the environment would be a nice trait for many biotech companies to have. Who knows, it might prove to be more beneficial in the long run.

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