Biotechnology and its Applications

With the growth of the field of biotechnology through the years, it has come to be applied in a wide variety of different fields and industries.

Modern biotechnology that dealt with genetic engineering has made it quite an interesting as well as promising field of study and research that aims to produce and develop the next generation of new biological products aimed to make an impact in agriculture as well as medicine.

There are a number of applications that biotechnology now finds itself being used in, more predominantly in agriculture. The fact that modern biotechnology processes and methods now institute the use of direct genetic manipulation in biological organisms have made it easier and quicker for scientists to develop ideal traits and characteristics in different plants than previously possible.

Scientists are now able, through biotechnology, to develop crops with higher yields as well as better resistance to pests. This has led to providing farmers with crops that provide better harvests as well as lesser use of chemical pesticides in their farms. Biotechnology has also been used to improve techniques in the breeding and selection of livestock.

In the field of animal husbandry, biotechnology may also provide a variety of uses. Through biotechnology, the development of vaccines, production of livestock offspring from a single embryo, improvement of animal growth rates as well as better disease detection may prove to be very beneficial contributions to the betterment of livestock in general.

Application of biotechnology processes and methods may also be used in the industrial sector. One way that biotechnology may find some use in man y industries is in the development of biocatalysts used to synthesize chemicals.

Through biotechnology, organisms can be modified to produce certain enzymes used as biocatalysts in order to enable their manufacture in commercial quantities. The new methods may be able to help keep costs down as well as aid in the conservation of energy usually spent in using traditional manufacturing methods.

Biotechnology can also be used in trying to protect the environment. Biotechnology processes can be developed to help waste treatment and pollution prevention measures become more effective. Bioremediation is known to be the process in which microorganisms or their enzymes are used in order to help alter an environment that has been altered by pollutants back to its original condition.

Biotechnology researchers have developed certain enzyme producing microbes that thrive on certain food and even industrial waste products and break them down into substances that can be reused in the environment.

Biotechnology has also been widely used today to develop certain pharmaceutical products for treatment of diseases and other ailments. Researchers, for example, have developed genetically modified bacteria to produce human insulin to treat diabetes.

A wide range of applications have also been developed for a number of other industries that would make biotechnology a very important tool for the future. 

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