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Roundup Ready GM Crops May Trigger Animal Miscarriages

A preliminary study made by a professor at Purdue University may indicate that the use of either glyphosate or Roundup Ready crops may have a role in a previously unknown organism that may be causing miscarriages and infertility in animals. The preliminary study was made by Dr. Ron Huber, professor emeritus at the Purdue University. […]

Impact Of GM Crops On Pesticide, Herbicide Use

Farms that grow genetically modified and engineered crops have become more common in many agricultural areas in the US as well as other countries in the Americas. The promise of such plants providing higher yield as well as having lesser chemical footprints in the environment seems to have been its main selling points. But after […]

GM Eggplant Found Unfit For Consumption

A genetically modified eggplant showing some promise of trying to become a food crop in developing countries is actually found to be toxic, according to an independent scientific report. Bt brinjal, the name for the genetically modified eggplant developed by Monsanto of the US and Mahyco of India, has been confirmed to cause reproductive disorders, […]

Organic Foods Activist Dismayed Over “Coexistence” with GMOs

In an article posted on the Huffington Post, columnist Ronnie Cummins expressed his dismay over a move by organic food markets to include genetically engineered crops in its shelves. “There can be no such thing as ‘coexistence’ with a reckless industry that undermines public health, destroys biodiversity, damages the environment, tortures and poisons animals, destabilizes […]