GM Soy Alters Goat’s Milk And Stunts Growth

shutterstock_294951647Researchers have found that goats fed with GM soy have offspring that are shorter and develop more slowly. This was the result of an Italian study that was published in the journal Small Ruminant Research. The scientists were trying to test the results of feeding female goats with feed supplemented with Roundup Ready GE soybeans. These GM soybeans are genetically modified in order to resist the herbicide Roundup. One of the most widely grown soybeans all over the world, they are sold by the biotech giant Monsanto, along with the herbicide it was designed to work with.

The researchers have associated the stunted growth of the goat kids to the alteration of the milk in female goats fed with GM soy. They observed that the milk was significantly less nutritious and contained less of the IgG antibodies important for the kid’s early growth.

According to Dr. Judy Carman, Director of the Institute of Health and Environmental Research, Australia, “The differences in the composition of the colostrum between the mothers fed the GE soy and the non-GE soy were particularly striking. The colostrum from the GE-fed mothers contained only 2/3 of the fat, 1/3 of the protein and close to half of the IgG of the mothers fed the non-GM soy.”

The experiment involved pregnant Cilentana goats that are sixty days away from giving birth. Two of the four groups were fed with food that contained GE Roundup Ready soybeans at two different concentrations while the other two groups were fed with conventional, non-GM soybeans at two different concentrations as well.

After the female goats gave birth, the kids were fed only with their mother’s milk for a period sixty days. The researchers then measured the growth of the kids twice in the first and the second month after birth.

The researchers found out that the kids of female goats fed with GM soy were shorter in stature and around 20 percent lower in weight. Not only that, the researchers also found out that the milk from the GE-fed female goats was lower in protein and fat content compared to milk from non-GM fed goats. The difference was significantly large in the first few weeks after birth but gradually disappeared even when the mothers were still fed GM soy.

The results of the study show a strong indication of the effects of GM soy to the growth and development of offspring.

Source: GMWatch


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