GM Crops Over The Years

GM crops have long been around, which might surprise a lot of people. Little to people know that there are now a lot of plant products available in the market that might be coming from cultivated GM crops. But there is still a certain stigma when talking about these crops that fall within the GM realm. It is those concerns that keep a lot of people feel wary about them.

The talk surrounding genetically modified plants may differ widely depending on where you stand. Those who are for its extensive cultivation heap praises on the many benefits these plants offer. Those against it send warnings about the risks associated with propagating a product of technology that is still considered poorly regulated and even misunderstood. But how has the technology of genetic modification progressed through these years? Here are some things to consider.

Safety Concerns

Over the years, one of the main points of contention over GM crops is over safety. Over time, the concerns regarding the safety of GM plants may have improved. But there is still this lingering doubt about how it will affect general health. Safety concerns still revolve around consumption of GM plants, especially when it comes to health. It may be one of the main reasons why a great majority of consumers still avoid anything that has to do with GM plants despite of an increasing number of people believing that GM plants pose no long-term health effect and that they can be beneficial to the environment.

Economic Perception

Another reason why GM plants still face a lot of challenges is with regards to the perception they have on the market. People have this perception that GM plants were developed as money-making machines rather than being propagating to help save world hunger or the environment. It does not help that GM plants are considered as proprietary items that require licensing to propagate. It is this idea that has still a number of people have second thoughts about GM crops. Being identified as a profit-making product by biotech companies may not help in trying to build up the good reputation of genetic modification in general.

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