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Activists Demand GM Foods Be Labeled

A group of activists showed up in front of Chicago grocery store to protest the sale of genetically modified foods. The catch is that the store is Whole Foods Market, one of America’s top organic food retailers. The group, Organic Consumers Association, claims that genetically modified corn, soy, and other crops have become common ingredients […]

Why We Don’t Know A Lot About GM Foods

Genetically modified foods have already been around since 1996 when it was first introduced and approved for commercial use. It was the time when GM corn and soy were introduced for use in commercial farming. They found their way into consumers by way of the many products that use soy and corn as ingredients. Not […]

Most GM Foods Still Not Labeled Properly

Genetically modified foods have become a more common staple in US households than most would care to imagine. There are a lot of people who may be unaware of this fact. A big reason for this is that most of the foods that may contain genetically modified plant products in various forms are not being […]