GM Crops Over The Years

GM crops have long been around, which might surprise a lot of people. Little to people know that there are now a lot of plant products available in the market that might be coming from cultivated GM crops. But there is still a certain stigma when talking about these crops that fall within the GM realm. It is those concerns that keep a lot of people feel wary about them. The talk surrounding genetically modified pla

GM Insects Seen As New Pest Control Option

While many people are still worried and concerned about genetically modified plants that is said to not only help improve yield but also to control pests, some biotech companies are already on the way of trying to focus on a different means for using genetic modification. While most genetic modification projects focus on plants, a company called Oxitec has begun putting their focus on developing genetically modifie

Bayer Is Acquiring Monsanto in a $66-Billion Dea

  While news of Biotech giant Monsanto getting into financial problems due to issues with their GMO products. The firm has been losing money as well since there were a lot of controversies that came out surrounding their different products and how they make money from it. But if you think that Monsanto is going down for good, then think again. There has been news that another biotech and pharmaceutical giant m

Study: GM Crop Cultivation Results In Increased Herbicide Use

There is still a delicate balance between being for and against GM crops. Proponents argue that it is the best way to increased food production to meet the needs of an increasing world population. Some of those who are against are decrying its safety, arguing that many of the biotech companies developing GM crops are out to increase profits rather than looking after the welfare of end consumers of such crops. Studi

Herbicide Glyphosate Found to Disrupt Uterine Development 

The ongoing war between those for and against genetically modified organisms can be quite harsh. One side alarms the public of its potential danger and risks while the other praises its benefits and advantages. If you just focus on the word war between the two factions, you can easily say that both parties may have a worthy argument on what they believe in. But once you take a look at the evidence offered by scienc

Study: GM Soy Yields Lesser Than Non-GM Soy

The main aim for GM crops is to create better yields and pest resistant crops that help improve or boost overall harvest and profits. This is what makes them appealing to farmers who are trying to find ways to improve their yields and earn more from what they cultivate. It is the same case with the popularity of cultivating GM soy- better yields and better profit margins. But is seems that recent studies may indica

GM Soy Alters Goat’s Milk And Stunts Growth

Researchers have found that goats fed with GM soy have offspring that are shorter and develop more slowly. This was the result of an Italian study that was published in the journal Small Ruminant Research. The scientists were trying to test the results of feeding female goats with feed supplemented with Roundup Ready GE soybeans. These GM soybeans are genetically modified in order to resist the herbicide Roundup. O

Glyphosate Found To Be Toxic Below Regulatory Safety Limits

The problem with GM foods today is not much because of the technology. It seems to be more of biotech companies not trying to be more transparent with consumers. There seems to be a lot that the biotech companies are hiding from people with regards to their genetically modified products. Their aim to profit seems more important than trying to look out for the welfare of consumers. Some products associated with GM c

General Mill Removing Artificial Ingredients From Cereals

In a move to go all natural, General Mills is planning to eliminate the artificial colors and flavors from its cereals. This is a move towards committing to an increasing desire by many consumers to use ingredients that people consider as natural. According to General Mills, the cereals Trix and Reese’s Puffs will be the first of its products to show these changes. Because of this change, Trix cereal will now

Study: Non-GM Soy More Sustainable Than GM Soy

The development of GM strains of certain crops was based on the idea that they can become more profitable and sustainable compared to conventional crops. Their advantages and benefits should far outweigh than of cultivating natural strains. In some cases GM may provide such advantages based on what they can offer to farmers. But a study shows that using a non-GM crop in the case of soy may prove to be more sustaina